Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid terbaru rupanya memiliki jarak tempuh yang sangat mengesankan. Hal itu terlihat dalam perjalanan mobil tersebut baru-baru ini saat melintasi Islandia.

Ketika itu, Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid berhasil menempuh jarak 455 mil (732 km) hanya dengan menggunakan sumber energi terbarukan.

Itu dimungkinkan dengan penggunaan biofuel generasi kedua yang berasal dari jerami dan listrik terbarukan panas bumi yang digunakan untuk mengisi baterai.

Perjalanan yang ramah lingkungan ini adalah sekaligus sebagai pengingat, bahwa Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid merupakan mobil mewah non-emisi sejati yang relatif ramah terhadap kehidupan di planet ini.

Bentley tidak lagi dibuat untuk mereka yang ingin menghabiskan sumber daya alam untuk kesenangan tanpa henti.

Dan hal baik lainnya adalah, Bentley hybrid generasi baru ini masih mungkin memberikan pengalaman berkendara mewah yang sama kepada penumpangnya.

Tetapi merek asal Inggris tersebut telah memutuskan bahwa sudah waktunya untuk mencoba dan mengurangi penggunaan bahan bakar fosil dengan menggunakan sistem hybrid yang unik.

Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid menggunakan mesin V6 twin-turbo 2,9 liter yang dipadukan dengan motor listrik 100 kW.

Output penuh dari sistem hybrid ini adalah 536 tenaga kuda (399 Kilowatt) yang mengesankan dan torsi mencapai 516 lb-ft (750-newton meter).

Itu berarti dalam akselerasi, Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid dapat melaju cepat dari 0 hingga 60 mil (0-97 km) hanya dalam 4,1 detik dan mencapai kecepatan tertinggi 177 mil/jam (285 km/jam).

Pihak Bentley mengklaim, Flying Spur Hybrid adalah Bentley paling efisien yang pernah dibuat oleh mereka dengan jarak tempuh mencapai 434 mil (698 kilometer) saat bahan bakar penuh.

Jadi jelas, pengemudi Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid yang biasa melintasi Islandia, seperti yang kami sebutkan di atas, memiliki kaki kanan yang disiplin.

Sebab sang pemgemudi mampu melampaui jarak tempuh Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid dengan selisih waktu tertentu.

Aset terbesar Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid ini adalah kemampuannya untuk berkendara ke kota-kota di seluruh Eropa yang memiliki pajak emisi yang ketat tanpa merasa khawatir.

Hal ini memungkinkan pemilik untuk berkendara ke kota-kota seperti London (Inggris)  tanpa khawatir membayar biaya yang sama dengan Bentley Flying Spur biasa.

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Sembunyikan rilis Munculkan rilis

(Crewe, 28 October 2021) Using only energy from waste straw and the power of the planet, an engineering prototype Flying Spur Hybrid has completed a dramatic test as part of the car’s sign off and Bentley’s development of renewable fuels. The Azure Purple Flying Spur Hybrid covered the 733 km (455 miles) required to drive across Iceland in a single stint and entirely on renewable power, through a combination of 100 per cent second generation biofuel and geothermally-sourced electricity available from the Icelandic power grid.

The journey is validation both of the grand touring range of Bentley’s new Hybrid – the second to be launched following the Bentayga Hybrid – and of Bentley’s research into biofuels that can be used without engine modification. The fuel used conforms to the same EN228 standard as ordinary pump gasoline, yet is created entirely from waste biomass (e.g. straw) at no cost to food production or the natural ecosystem. The combination of this fuel and the Flying Spur Hybrid’s intelligent electrified powertrain meant an overall reduction of 45 per cent in CO2 emissions on a well-to-wheels basis over the course of the adventure. Þórdís Kolbrún Reykfjörð Gylfadóttir, Minister of Tourism, Industry and Innovation for Iceland, witnessed the Flying Spur Hybrid’s journey and comments:    

“It was great to see the car make the 733 km journey across the country on renewable electricity and green renewable fuel. Driving through the countryside with waterfalls on your left, and volcanos to the right you can visually see where the energy is generated directly, from nature. I think this is the best definition of sustainable energy. Iceland wants to be part of the environmental solution and help others use the knowledge and renewable sources we have here.”

The Flying Spur Hybrid represents Bentley’s next step on a journey to becoming the world’s most sustainable luxury mobility company, as laid out by the brand’s Beyond100 strategy. Market introductions across the world begin in 2022.  This will see all models in the range offered with a hybrid powertrain by 2024, ahead of the company’s first full BEV by 2025.

Bentley’s Member of the Board for Engineering, Matthias Rabe, comments:
“With the launch of the Flying Spur Hybrid we now have a hybrid range at Bentley, and with this challenge we’ve proved the real benefit of a hybrid – the ability to have an unimpeded grand touring reach of more than 450 miles, while still having usable electric-only range for urban environments. It’s truly the best of both worlds, especially when the use of innovative second generation biofuel means a huge drop in CO2 emissions. We’ll continue working with such fuels in the coming months as part of our development process, with the end goal of a customer-facing solution.”

Renewably Energised

Renewable fuel defines a significant step towards reducing Bentley’s environmental impact and supporting the company’s sustainability targets. This Icelandic journey is the result of further development since the debut of renewable fuel for Bentley in the Continental GT3 race car at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in June. 

The 100 per cent renewable, second generation biofuel used is a wonder of modern chemistry, and was developed by Coryton, who is supporting Bentley in renewable fuel research. The production process sees waste biomass (e.g. straw) broken down using fermentation, leading to the creation of ethanol. Dehydration of the ethanol converts it to ethylene, which can then be transformed into gasoline through the process of oligomerisation – chaining short hydrocarbon molecules together to produce longer, more energy-dense ones. 

The electricity used by the car’s hybrid system during the journey was sourced from Iceland’s 100 per cent renewable grid. Iceland is a global leader in renewable energy production; 75 per cent of the country’s electrical energy is produced via Hydroelectric and 25 per cent from geothermal power. During its time in Iceland, the Flying Spur Hybrid was charged with electricity from the Svartsengi geothermal power plant.    

The Driving Force Behind The Flying Spur Hybrid

The latest addition to Bentley’s new hybrid range demonstrates that hybridisation does not compromise luxury or performance. With an unperceivable blend between the internal combustion engine and electric motor, refined serenity is on offer regardless of driving mode or style. 

The new powertrain combines a 2.9-litre V6 petrol engine with an advanced electric motor, delivering a total of 536 bhp (544 PS) and 750 Nm (553 lb.ft) of torque - an additional 95 bhp in comparison to the Bentayga Hybrid. The new Flying Spur becomes the most efficient Bentley ever having the capability to cover 700 km when fully fuelled.

With high power reserves, superior torque and quick throttle response, the latest hybrid model gives little away to the Flying Spur V8 in acceleration, passing 60 mph from a standstill in 4.1 seconds (0-100 km/h in 4.3 secs). The new powertrain achieves a significant reduction in fuel consumption, whilst still providing the authentic Bentley character of effortless, refined performance.

Customer-Focused Technology

The new Flying Spur incorporates a class-leading portfolio of intelligent and intuitive equipment tailored to the driver and passengers. For the Flying Spur Hybrid, connected car services will now also include My Battery Charge, My Car Statistics, and My Cabin Comfort.     

To provide further feedback to the driver, the driver instruments include additional information showing when the car is operating solely in EV drive, regenerating whilst deaccelerating or using the combustion engine.

Inside the cabin, the automatic Start-Stop switch has been replaced with a control for the three E Modes – EV Drive, Hybrid Mode and Hold Mode, enabling the driver to manage the battery usage during a journey. EV Drive mode is engaged as soon as the car is switched on, and maximises the electric driving experience. This is ideal for city driving and for shorter journeys.    

The flow of energy can also be displayed via the infotainment screen where statistics can be seen and the timers for charging of the vehicle can be set. Additional e-motion information is available to the driver via the instrument panel, heads up display and centre screen, including range, battery level and charging information.. 


Bentley Motors has outlined plans to become a global leader in sustainable luxury mobility with further details of its Beyond100 strategy. With the promise to offer truly sustainable luxury, Bentley will reinvent every aspect of its business to become an end-to-end carbon neutral organisation as it embarks on its second century. The target is driven by a transformation programme across Bentley’s entire operations and products. This includes switching its model range to offer exclusively plug-in hybrid or battery electric vehicles by 2026, and full electric vehicles only by 2030.    

In 2018, Bentley’s production facility in Crewe became the first luxury automotive factory in the UK to be certified carbon neutral by the Carbon Trust, certification that has since been renewed twice. This followed two decades of implementing innovative solutions, including a water recycling system in the paint shop, local tree planting, installation of a 10,000 solar panel carport, taking the total number of on-site solar panels to 30,000, and a switch to renewable-only electricity sources.

The Crewe facility will continue to improve its environmental operations. All suppliers have passed a sustainability audit, verifying their sustainability credentials. In the future, by the end of 2025, the company intends to reduce its factory environmental impact by focusing on energy consumption, CO2 emissions, waste water, use of solvents in the paint process and becoming plastic neutral. This will result in a ‘climate positive factory’ by 2030, actively reducing levels of carbon in the atmosphere, while in parallel the business invests in renewable energy and forestation projects.   

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Notes to editors

Bentley Motors is the most sought-after luxury car brand in the world. The company’s headquarters in Crewe is home to all of its operations including design, R&D, engineering, Mulliner and production of the company’s three model lines, Continental, Flying Spur, and Bentayga. The combination of fine craftsmanship, using skills that have been handed down through generations, alongside engineering expertise and cutting-edge technology is unique to UK luxury car brands such as Bentley. It is also an example of high-value British manufacturing at its best. Bentley employs around 4,000 people at Crewe.

Flying Spur Hybrid is available to order in most markets, but is currently not available in EU27, UK, Switzerland, Israel, Ukraine, Norway, Turkey and Vietnam.