Peugeot Boxer 4X4 Concept adalah kendaraan untuk kemping yang bisa diajak berkelana kemana saja dan bisa membawa tiga orang dalam petualangan off-road menyenangkan.

Eksterior van bongsor ini menampilkan warna-warni dalam campuran Wanderlust Green dan Mint Green yang membuat penampilannya terlihat menarik.

Kendaraan konsep ini muncul pertama kali di ajang Recreational Vehicle Show di Le Bourget, Prancis, pada tahun 2019.

Untuk bisa menjelajah ke segala penjuru, Boxer 4X4 Concept menggunakan mesin Peugeot BlueHDi 165 yang menghasilkan torsi maksimal 273 lb-ft (370 Nm) dengan didukung sistem transmisi manual enam kecepatan.

Yang menyenangkan bagi pengendara, Boxer menyediakan 3 mode berkendara yang bisa disesuaikan dengan kondisi jalan, yaitu mode 2WD, 4WD, dan mode lock.

Sistem penggerak empat roda paruh waktu dapat dikontrol dari sakelar di dasbor.

Dalam mode penggerak empat roda, sistem hanya mengirimkan daya ke roda belakang saat traksi berkurang.

Sedangkan pada mode lock akan memaksa sistem untuk mengirim torsi ke belakang secara konsisten.

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Sebagai antisipasi menghadapi jalan yang amburadul, Peugeot juga meningkatkan ketinggian pengendaraan Boxer sebesar 30 mm di depan dan 50 mm di belakang.

Van ini juga menggunakan ban off-road BF Goodrich untuk traksi yang lebih baik dalam kondisi jalan kasar.

Pada sektor eksterior juga melibatkan sepeda gunung listrik Peugeot eM02 FS Powertube yang diangkut di rak belakang, juga tersedia kano di rak atap.

Sementara untuk penerangan malam hari, tersedia delapan LED di atas kaca depan yang memancarkan sinar terang benderang.

Pada bagian dalam, Boxer 4X4 menawarkan ruang tamu seluas 10 meter persegi. Juga tersedia kamar mandi dan dapur kecil, serta ruang tidur.

Pelapis seluruh kabin menggunakan bahan Alcantara dalam naungan Greval Grey, dan lantai merupakan bahan plastik daur ulang.

Pengendara tidak perlu khawatir tersesat karena ada sistem navigasi khusus racikan Alpine di dashboard.

Sistem ini cukup cerdas untuk menghindari jembatan rendah yang dapat menyebabkan masalah bagi van.

Termasuk juga menghindari pengemudi dari jalan yang terlalu sempit untuk dilalui Boxer.

Peugeot tidak menjelaskan secara detail apakah kendaraan ini akan diproduksi massal atau hanya sekedar kendaraan konsep saja.

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With its expressive style and innovative materials, the PEUGEOT BOXER has sold 720,000 copies since its launch and is being transformed into an adventurous fighter.

As PEUGEOT’s intense and exciting embodiment of the recreational vehicle, it has been the subject of extensive customization and goes off the beaten track: WANDERLUST GREEN, MINT, Alcantara GREVAL Grey and natural white mineral all combined.

The successor to the PEUGEOT RIFTER 4x4 CONCEPT, it is also designed for exploration on all types of terrain, it has DANGEL all-wheel drive, specific tyres and higher ground clearance.

To provide the full experience, its 10 m2 surface area, is equipped to accommodate up to 3 people on a long-term basis.

And to go even further, it can carry a PEUGEOT eM02 FS Powertube electric mountain bike and a Canadian canoe on the roof rack.

The PEUGEOT BOXER 4x4 CONCEPT will be presented as a world premiere at the Recreational Vehicle Show, which will be held at Le Bourget from 28 September to 06 October 2019.
Challenge #1: Reinventing the rules
The first challenge was to get out of the traditional world of camper vans and showcase PEUGEOT’s vision for this type of vehicle. To enliven a segment dedicated to freedom, the style highlights the experience of an adventure full of sensations.

Full immersion in nature is achieved thanks to the WANDERLUST GREEN body colour. This satin and pearly shade allows you to blend in with nature. Refreshing MINT notes enhance the bodywork in places and oblique DARK CHROME stickers surround and refine the rear.

The new grille is sculpted in the brand's purest current style with bright CAST IRON grille tassels, with a stronger robustness of the lower body frame, echoing the protective tread at the front and the notched fender flares. The proportions of the front end change in depth with the windshield visor. Practical as ever, with the access areas to the windscreen or front bumper engine also being reworked.

Getting back to camp in the middle of the night will be as easy as in broad daylight: night-time exploring will be illuminated by 8 LED modules integrated directly into the bodywork above the windscreen. These modules, from the PEUGEOT 508, each reach xxx W.

Built on a PEUGEOT BOXER L3, the 6m length is optimised to offer adventurers a 10m2 living space, ideally designed for 3 people.

There are 4 distinct zones, with a kitchen and dining area, a sleeping area, a bathroom and the driver's station. The many storage spaces will allow you to bring all the equipment you need for extreme sports and everyday life!

The interior is a refreshing cocoon, with soothing light tones that contrast with the exterior. The woodwork warms the atmosphere up with the upholstery and trimmings being specific to this concept. The sporty technical mesh is combined with an Alcantara® GREVAL GREY from the new upholstery of the PEUGEOT e-208 GT, 508 HYBRID GT, 508 SW HYBRID GT and 3008 HYBRID4, including the door trim. MINT coloured BOXER logos are added in textile transfer, a technique used by major textile brands, the seatbelts pack a punch in the MINT colour too. Not forgetting the ventilators, also in this shade.

In line with the brand's other models and providing even more comfort, the entire lodge is covered in fabric.

Fine-tuned down to the last detail, the chrome inside the door handles and hinges is gone to be replaced by a CAST IRON satin finish.
Challenge #2: respecting and exploring your surroundings
Eco-efficiency and durability are at the heart of the PEUGEOT BOXER 4x4 CONCEPT. Special work has gone into choosing the materials: the table, the worktop and the sink are made of ARAGONITE white natural mineral, which combines the hardness of natural stone with the beauty of ceramic, while the entire floor is made of 100% recycled and 100% recyclable materials! The plastics used are made up of 85% car tank, 10% milk bottle and 5% various white (soap bottle for example). The 50 kg of recycled plastic it contains saves 75 kg of CO2 compared to a standard plastic floor.

In order to respectfully explore nature, the PEUGEOT BOXER 4x4 CONCEPT adopts the latest pollution control standards with FAP and SCR and complies with the latest Euro 6 standards in force.

The PEUGEOT BOXER 4x4 CONCEPT is much more than an expression of style. It must be as comfortable in gravel, mud, snow as on rocky roads.

The 4x4 DANGEL transmission is ensured by viscous drive and transfer case at the front. It is activated via 3 switches located within reach on the left side of the dashboard. 3 driving modes are available:

-  2WD mode, for driving in simple traction, for daily driving
-  4WD mode, where the transmission alone sends power to the rear wheels should you lose motor function
-  Lock mode, to block the rear axle, useful for extreme crossings and bridge crossings

4 high-performance tyres reinforce the efficiency of the 4-wheel drive. PEUGEOT BOXER 4x4 CONCEPT is equipped with off-road tyres provided by BF Goodrich. They combine strength, endurance, looks and excellent traction.

PEUGEOT BOXER 4x4 CONCEPT's ground clearance is 30 millimetres higher at the front and 50 millimetres higher at the rear, allowing it to overcome most obstacles.

The steepest slopes won’t stop you: the BlueHDi 165 engine with 6-speed manual gearbox develops a comfortable torque of 370Nm.

To ensure limitless adventure, a Canadian walnut canoe incorporates the codes of the PEUGEOT BOXER 4x4 CONCEPT and can be stored on the roof rack, custom-made to ensure the skylights can be opened. The custom side ladder follows the wheel arch and provides easy access to the roof rack, while leaving access to the side equipment.

Finally, the PEUGEOT eM02 FS Powertube ATV will take over. An electrically assisted mountain bike, this is the latest generation of PEUGEOT eBikes. The compact battery is integrated directly into the frame, so the style is fluid and sleek. Versatile with its double suspension, it is the ideal partner on demanding courses. It is stored at the rear of the PEUGEOT BOXER 4x4 CONCEPT on a dedicated hitch support. Its MINT colour is identical to the vehicle's coloured inserts and contrasts subtly with the matt black doors.

Never get lost again with the new 9-inch touchscreen navigation that allows you to enter the vehicle's dimensions and thus avoid roads with possible size restrictions. This navigation is compatible with the WAZE real-time traffic application, allows two phones to be connected simultaneously and displays the images of the multiviews HD cameras , front and rear , for a perfect control of the environment..
Challenge #3: Enlisting the best expertise
The last challenge was to surround ourselves with leading partners in their fields, and to encourage them to think outside the box.

All-wheel drive is developed with DANGEL, the brand's long-standing partner and a renowned specialist in 4WD conversions. Their logo adopts the MINT colour for the occasion.

The sink, worktop and table are provided by KERROCK.

ALPINE, a specialist in on-board multimedia equipment has taken care of the navigation and entertainment system. To underline its commitment to the motorhome sector, and to streamline ordering, lead times and handling costs for manufacturers or dealers, Peugeot is introducing a new, factory-fitted Alpine satellite navigation system that has been developped specifically for motorhomes. For example, it has been designed to calculate routes that avoid low bridges or roads that are too small or narrow. Its XXL 23 cm colour screen with split display is fully integrated into the dashboard and can be used by the driver using OEM remote controls on the steering wheel. Its maps are updated for three years free of charge. It also includes a rear camera compatibility, millions of POIs and can connect two phones via Bluetooth. It is also compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay for a convenient use of smart¬phone applications. It benefits from the OEM assistance and its warran¬ty is covered for 2 years by the Peu¬geot repairer network all over Europe.

Finally, it was Start-up SASMINIMUM that designed the floor covering, which comes from their "Le Pavé" project. Created by 4 young architects in 2017, the Start-up recovers plastic, mainly collected directly from nature and near the oceans: it is waste that is not normally integrated into any recycling process. It is guaranteed by the Waste&Hope label, which means it is more expensive to purchase the raw materials but it finances the social and ecological actions of this organisation. The product is 100% recycled and 100% recyclable.

The PEUGEOT BOXER 4x4 CONCEPT will be presented as a world premiere at the recreational vehicle show, which will be held at Le Bourget from 28 September to 06 October 2019.